MUSUEM FOR BAVARIAN HISTORY REGENSBURG | Type: Open Competition | Year: 2013 | Collaborators: Sophie Luger, Mark Balzar, Andreas Singer | Energy Design: Bernhard Sommer

Visual Apparatus. The museum is organized in an vertical ascend of spaces alligned with a chronological organized history exhibition showcasing various stages of cultural development of the Bavarian State of Germany. While focusing on the content of the exhibition as within the breif - the offsetted, turned nesting of major volumes results in choreographed views out into the city of Regensburg, which in turn associate the city with the content of the exhibition. The so resulting massing of the project alligns at its lower portion with the immidiate urban context while volumes start to re-orient and capture fragments of historical important landmarks of the city in its entity. The museum becomes a visual apparatus structuring the exhibition.

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