OMV AR | Type: Invited Competition | Year: 2017 | Collaborators: Mathias Bank Stigsen, Michael Knoll, Jan Niklas Schöpf

AR as space. The project is a speculation on how augmented reality could be understood not only as an instrument of design and fabrication of structures but as an integral part of the proposed architecture. As in today we are involved with our conscious presence in a myriad of digital cultures and platforms. The project draws from this phenomena and suggest a part of the architecture to be purely present with the help of augmented reality.

The fair stand is organized in two set of spaces respecting the brief of the client. The volumes organizing space have geometric characteristics that act as fiducial trackers in space for augmented information. Physical and digital have an inseparable relationship The large perfect circular occuluses are tracked by the camera and frame digital content that is related to the exhibition of the fair.

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